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Royal Membership

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Become a royal in our fast growing community! We are proud supporters of entrepreneurs, small shops, businesses and brands looking to expand. Promoting in our online groups is a fantastic way to get you new business noticed. With our helpful tips you will be able to successfully share and market your brand with over 100K members. The options are laid out in detail below. 

Royal Membership

  • promote within our groups
  • expand your brand
  • ad space discounts
  • weekly mentions in our stories
  • healthy networking that drives sales
  • become a better blogger
  • introduce yourself to build relationships
  • online marketing and social media helpful tips though emails monthly
  • connect, grow, boss up

Being a royal in our community helps you thrive as a small business owner. Owning your own business is more than a quick sale, it's establishing healthy relationships with customers that will return for a lifetime. 

Members Must Get A Prior Approval Email Before Checking Out

Once you have corresponded with our marketing team, you will receive an approval letter for your Royal Membership. If you DO NOT get an email, do not check out! You must get approved. That email will include the link to this listing where you can move ahead with your advertising. 

Royal Members Get Access To:

  1. Unlimited ways to promote in all of our groups (100K+ members)
  2. Small business tips through our monthly newsletter
  3. Discounted sponsor ads on our fast growing website
  4. Promotional shout outs through our stories
  5. Features on our pages
  6. Post links and more....

Don't miss out! This one time fee is an exclusive opportunity to grow your brand! 


No refunds will be given after you pay in full. Once paid you have access to network accordingly and should take full advantage of healthy promoting. If you choose to limit how often you promote, that doesn't negate your membership. If you need help with healthy promoting tips, reach out. We will guide you! 

Membership Options

Basic- includes unlimited access to promote in groups

Silver- includes unlimited access to promote in groups + 3 months of advertising on our website with an option to do a giveaway post

Gold- includes all of the above with post links, and 6 months of advertising instead of the 3